Gottfried Lechner

Linear and Non-Linear Run Length Limited Codes

We compare achievable rates of binary linear and non-linear run length limited codes where the constraint is on the number of consecutive ones. We show that there is a significant loss in rate when linear codes are used. For non-linear codes, we present practical encoders with rates close to the theoretical limits. We show that our approach can be generalised to avoid arbitrary sequences in the data stream.

Biography: Dr. Gottfried Lechner received his Dipl.-Ing. and Dr.techn. degrees from Vienna University of Technology, Austria, in 2003 and 2007, respectively. From 2002 to 2008, he was a Researcher at the Telecommunications Research Centre Vienna in the area of Signal and Information Processing. In 2008 he joined the Institute for Telecommunications Research at the University of South Australia where he is now a Senior Research Fellow. His research interests include iterative systems, source and channel coding and satellite communications. Dr. Lechner has published 11 journal papers, 44 conference papers, contributed to 5 patent applications and co-authored a number of technical reports for industry partners. He delivered key solutions to a satellite based Global Sensor Network where his responsibilities included the design of coding schemes, multi-user detection and software implementation. Currently, he is actively involved in the performance evaluation of second generation search & rescue systems and in the design of high-speed downlinks for future earth observation satellites.