NI Hands-On Workshop

Discover how to use the NI USRP RIO™ (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) platform with LabVIEW Communication System Design Suite Software to acquire, analyse, and record wireless signals. You physically set up and plug in an NI USRP™ RIO software defined radio, write programs in LabVIEW, and move the OFDM algorithms to a high-throughput FPGA within 3 hours.

Workshop: Rapid Prototyping of Real-Time Wireless Systems with LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite and NI USRP RIO
Location: Monash University, Room G19, Building 35
Date: Friday, 22nd January 2016
Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Cost: Free

Workshop topics include:
Exercise 1 - Introduction to LabVIEW Communications
Exercise 2 - OFDM Algorithm Design and Testing
Exercise 3 - Fixed Point Conversion
Exercise 4 - Deploying an Application to an FPGA
(Optional) Exercise 5 - Try the Communication teaching solution with USRP - Build the AM signal and transfer it over the air and explore the courseware that ships with the USRP

Kind regards,

Bruce Liu
NI Field Engineer - VIC and SA
Phone: 1800 300 800